Merillins Productions

About Us

«Merillins in a few lines...»

Merillins Productions was founded in 1995 by young people with a rich academic background and extensive experience in live performing arts productions Continuing to their efforts into the New Millennium, Merillins staff members have embarked on an ambitious plan to help it emerge as a leader at organizing and producing events capitalizing on its expertise and knowhow.

Great and original productions in the form of organized and accomplished programs, state-of-the-art infrastructure, turning to account the already high professional standards of Merillins’ executives help the company emerge as a leading player in the international arena and successfully defy today’s challenges. Merillins’ creations are so impressive that even the most demanding audience will not be left untouched ...thanks to its staff who have both the will and the know how to open up new trails:
• In Music
• In Sports
• In Entertainment
• In the production of Fun Happenings
• In Decoration and its New Applications

The whole philosophy of Merillins boils down to a single expression: Effective Creativity...
In the course that Merillins has followed so far, it had the opportunity to create projects for products and services of its customers that were warmly welcomed by the target groups, fully meeting their expectations with:
• Carefully crafted humor
• Smart ideas
• The right amount of feeling...
• Imagination over the top...
• Know-how and good sense poised over…cult.

ΜRelying on this philosophy and adhering to its principles, it is no wonder that Merillins Productions holds one of the most prominent positions among the entertainment companies. Our threefold recipe is simple: Experience - Knowledge - Trust - Ethics – Creativity, such values characterizing our ongoing effort to gain your trust..!!