Merillins Productions


Merillins Productions is a company with fifteen years experience in organizing events. In particular, Merillins studies, organizes, maintains and atttends:

  • Creative Event Management
  • Special Live Theme Events
  • Concert Organization
  • Artists & Celebrities Booking
  • Music Sponsorship
  • Presentations
  • Streets Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Conference Services
  • Gala Dinners & Celebrations Events
  • Audiovisual Support
  • Special Optical Effects
  • International Active Events
  • Art & Architectural Interventions
  • Seasonal Decoration
In the course it has followed so far, Merillins has created numerous successful Projects for both goods and services which have deeply touched even the most “demanding” target groups. At all events, thanks to their innovative ideas, extensive experience and scientific knowledge, the staff of Merillins work out a plan for a perfect and unique result. We are confident that the prominent position that our company holds in the industry and the wide range of its activities will be a good reason for an initiatory discussion on the needs of your business as well.