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Now you can download the Offers Events Projects of Merillins Productions as PDF files to read or print them offline. Click on the image to download the brochure you wish.

The PDF Brochures that you may be required to download for your information are locked for obvious reasons.
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Official Guide Merillins Productions
Detailed brochures with our main sponsors and our product full description and cost..

Greek  PDF  128MB | English  PDF  87.5MB
Christmas Special Themes Events and Big Contractions Projects
Christmas brochures with detailed suggestions & services on special Christmas Events with building and decor.
Greek  PDF  8.10MB
Christmas Decoration Themes and Prices List
Ideas & suggestions concerning Christmas interior and exterior decoration as well as season business lightning apllication.
Greek  PDF  8.43MB
Christmas Decorations Themes and Gifts List
Christmas Brochures with proposals and ideas for gifts and minimal hand made decor pieces which will give your Christmas tree and your gifts a unique touch.
Greek  PDF  2.47MB
Santa's Christmas Wonderland Project
One of the largest, happiest, most magical, musical Christmas project extravaganzas..!! Detailed descriptive study on the setup, operation and organization of a large Christmas park with 3D structures & Christmas kiosk, games and live happenings.
English  PDF  5.36MB
Carnival Events & Big Constructions Projects

Specific offers & Services with big building decor for Carnival Events

Greek  PDF  4.50MB
Summer Themes Events & Big Constructions Projects
Big productions for Summer season with detailed brochures as well as specific themes for impressive events and decor.

Greek  PDF  7.61MB | English  PDF  5.95MB
Summer Turing Children Festival / Sponsoring Proposal
A huge production , during some days , where we built stages with toys, animation, music, theatre, fun happenings etc, which take place open air & parks on large square meters.
Greek  PDF  2.51MB | English  PDF  2.43MB
Marriage Service
Completely detailed guide of services for your special and unique day ... Ideas & proposals to create impressive and surprise to your guests.

Greek  PDF 3.66 MB
Baptism & Children Events
Completely detailed guide of services for the unique day of your child baptism ceremony ....Ideas & proposals to this special social event and certainly with surprises to your guests.
Greek  PDF  3.33MB
Live your Myth in Greece / Special Incentive Trips
Wonderful proposal for your employees trip and target for a next Incentive trip and Congress throughout high standard proposal and presentation.
Greek  PDF 1.89MB | English  PDF  1.85MB
Exploring to Exotic Brazil / Special Incentive Trips
Trip proposal for your employees regarding next Congress in a very good proposal & presentation.

Greek   PDF 1.30MB | English  PDF  1.28MB
Cuba The last Paradise is Here.... / Special Incentive Trips
Great trip proposal for your employees in a very good proposal & presentation.

Greek  PDF 1.52MB | English  PDF  1.51MB
Adventure in Brazil / Sponsoring Proposal
The unique experience on exploring Event in Brazil with small flexible team, Camera Men & participation on a 28 day mission acrossing 6.500 Km road inside the country.
Greek  PDF  3.74MB | English  PDF  3.56MB
The Polar Express Experience
An impressive project... A theme Christmas Park with a detailed Business plan.

Greek  PDF 1.52MB |