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Merillins Productions was first established in 1995. We are a company specializing in the organization and production of entertainment venues, as well as in Tailor Made Events & projects . If you are looking for new innovative ideas for your product or business, then Merillins Productions should be your company partner. With a brilliant team, and many years of unique experience, we can provide you with a wide range of services.

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Merillins Project Portofolio

Some Basic Categories that we specialized

Prestigious scenarios and productions...

Thematic Events

Merillins is a specialized entertainment production company and provides comprehensive services, creating scenarios of only successful events. Combining experience, expertise, creativity and imagination, it organizes and presents exclusive themed stage sets and projects designed to inspire and entertain the audience, by creating a comprehensive presentation on an entertainment program that transforms your event into a unique spectacle.

So why not turn your next event into a huge success... The range of our services and producers are limited only by the imagination of our customers..!!

You’ll feel Inspired…

Active Events & Adventures

Merillins has been active in outdoor activities for several years, organizing and implementing activities in the nature and alternative tourism.

Merillins organizes Sports Activities and trips with imagination, action or relaxation for every need and desire for business executives, associations, and anyone who is interested in travel, sports and adventure.

We create memories....

Social Events

For your own private moments and for every social event we can make your fantasy a reality.

Our aim is to fully meet your needs always combining elegance and luxury. We always respond to your needs and desires, trying with smart solutions and suggestions in style, to create the event you have always looked forward to.

Merillins has been engaged for many years in constructions of festive stages

Christmas Projects

Christmas scenery & constructions for us here at Merillins means Arts, means expertise, and means expression and construction experience. Large buildings, streets, squares, shops, offices & Receptions companies, houses with large gardens etc are some of the jobs we undertake.