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Prestigious scenarios and productions...
Merillins is a specialized entertainment production company and provides comprehensive services, creating scenarios of only successful events. Combining experience, expertise, creativity and imagination, it organizes and presents exclusive themed stage sets and projects designed to inspire and entertain the audience, by creating a comprehensive presentation on an entertainment program that transforms your event into a unique spectacle. So why not turn your next event into a huge success ...
The range of our services and producers are limited only by the imagination of our customers..!!

Summer Beach Party
This production has everything!!! Floating platforms at sea, beach decor, music, dance, Laser & Fireworks. The philosophy of the event is a production large in size, the surprises, the widespread presentation of the sponsor at the Event and the swift pace in which the event will involve.
Latin Summer Nights
The production is based on the summer climate, the modern Latin rhythms and the pleasant music of summer nights. Exotic structures, Latin décor & Totem figures complete the picture of the event.
Caribbean Night
Latin Caribbean rhythms, wonderful dancing, exotic feeling & live music are the key features of this thematic event. Girls with exotic paréos and boys in white clothes and straw hats dance to the rhythms of Salsa, Merengue end Mambo.
The Spirit of Cuba
Exquisite music, Origin Musician from Cuba, Flavored dance Show, fantastic atmosphere, strong feeling make up this production of Merillins Productions.
Rueda de Casino
Rueda is a particular type of round dancing Salsa. It was developed in Havana, Cuba in the late 1950s and early 60s. The dance group Los Charangueros consisting of three couples presents a sumptuous feasts of Afro-Cuban dancing and of course the Rueda de Casino.
The Tango Passion
Tango is music, is dancing, and is a way of life. It is a timeless kind of music played and danced by all ages in all corners of the world. The combination of live music by a specialist orchestra with the use of Bandoneon and the participation of 2 tango couples give us a theme event with a lot of emotion elements..!!
Mexico Nights Event
“Atmosphere”, live music and 3D Décor by a Mexican Hacienda from the country of the sun all add up to a picture of emotion in this production.
Brazilian Samba Tropical
A spectacular production which comes from Brazil with genuine rhythms of Samba, Axe, Swing Tropical. Amazing Décor, Live Musicians, Professional Woman dance group, a strong feeling are the key elements of the production.
Tonga Party
Rhythms and music from the Archipelago South Pacific Ocean. A “journey” to the climate and history of the islands and their inhabitants with Mu’a with 3D Decoration & monuments stands. Live drums, girls wearing costumes in a Polynesian atmosphere, food & drinks provide stunning images and create a spectacular production.
The Orient All Music
An impressive performance, highlighting explosive dance rhythms, colorful lighting and unique choreography that come from the Far East.
We Remember Bob Marley
With the top "Reggae Man" as benchmark, we Introduce Reggae Jamming Tour with Live Reggae Music end DJ Set and specific highlights on the wonderful music.
New Orleans Event
Reviving the culture and the image of New Orleans through this production, we present philharmonic orchestras, Carnival dancers, and special costume design giving a true picture of the American South.
Summer Jazz Concert
We could characterize magic nights the jazz nights, which give us a feeling typical of New Orleans, with special lighting, smoke and the hoarse voices of the musicians. Our production is a true copy of such an evening with an excellent performer "Nantin Delterne and the Band".
Soul full House Sax and Percussions
Strongly dancing nights in Soul foul House and R'n'B rhythms with live saxophone and percussion contributions. A unique blend of dance music and live improvisation!
White Party
A large and impressive concept based on 4 key areas; decoration of the entire area of the event with white linens, with Foul Set Up Sound and Lighting, the show presented by a famous DJ and with the participation of a group of free Dancers and Entertainers.
Live Music Concerts
Unique live concert evenings with top names in Greek Pop and folk music scene and various Pop music groups from the European market.
Live Music Bus
Live music with movement on four wheels in a specially adapted truck fuselage. Generators, lights and sound and a complete music and dance group give a different twist to the city.
Live Music Night
Giving your mark through the live music n in an event you clearly lift your spirits and strengthen your image. By providing a list of several ensembles of sounds of Rock, Pop, Latin, Reggae, Jazz, Independent Music and artistic and popular Greek music, we are confident that we will satisfy you and meet all your needs on live music.
Classical Themes Concerts
Classical & Opera Theatre is a proposal aimed at special events, conferences, and some festivals. Operettas, wind and string quintets, comic operas, female harpers etc, is a range of specialized services that we offer.
Magic Night and Surprises
Professional shows at unique Real Magic Events professionals Magicians and jugglers. Illusions programs, Pick pocket show and Magic routines are the most popular floor spectacles but also for each event that needs something strong and original.
Children Party
Organization and production of children's parties with the participation of clowns, stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, puppet shows and special jokers as well as involvement of the Disney characters and special 3D Decoration.
Circus Performing Arts
Unique spectacle full of colors, movement and rhythm..!!! Impressive jugglers, stilt-walkers, human statues, clowns and acrobats will impress you through this impressive production.
Stand up Comedy
Comedy parlates, improvised sketches, funny cues, jokes, self-sarcasm, satire are the characteristics of Stand up Comedy. The audience learns to participate actively in the scene for comic performances.
Karaoke Fun and Multimedia
Literally everybody would like to sing his/her favorite song, accompanied by the original Play Back. Sing like the Stars do!!!
Give the opportunity to your guests or customers. Turn the passive fans into "accomplices" of Hits Choose among thousands of Greek and International songs, Tops or Evergreen's of a Karaoke a discothèque that contains everything and is being constantly enriched. Holding the microphone, add your voice to the authentic music of not only Beatles, Madonna ... but also of all your favorite artists.
The Farmers Dancing
An impressive big and smartly contrived production that represents the traditional lifestyles and local cultures in the Greek mainland.
Sixties and Rock N' Roll
A striking theme event which revives the 1960s with the participation of the dancers with vintage costumes, musicians and special stage-designing, decorative elements that gives out a realistic picture and a nostalgic feeling..
Country Best and Wild West
The history, legends and heroes of the Wild West are presented through stage design constructions, Country music and special projection on a screen.
Pirate Night
Revival of the myth of pirates through the participation of dancers & Characters, specialized decorations at the Event area, special fireworks, specialized music from the Caribbean and many other surprises, all adding up to an impressive production. Our wardrobe offers the Stilling and costumes, brilliant quality vintage copies.
Greek Traditional Night
This production perfectly captures the Greek folk music, small stage. The traditional Greek café with colorful tables and chairs, colorful rows of lights, the popular 5-member band and our traditional dancing team bring us closer to the traditional Greece of the 1960s.
Zorba the Greek
The story of Alexis Zorba the Greek from the homonym well-known film by Michael Kakoyannis is presented in a spectacular dance and musical theater with great traditional dances and theatrical dialogues 50 minutes long in Greek and English. The costumes are just our suggestions to the standards of that era.
Olympic Flame and Spirit
The influence of ancient Greek music and sporting culture dating back in 776 BC and the Ancient Olympic Spirit are the main features of this particular production of ours. The representation of lighting of the sacred Olympic Flame, the priestesses, the oath, the ritual and ceremony are the main features that make this production both classy and abundant.

From a stage design standpoint, the production includes Décor made up of ancient columns (pillars), and an altar and Banners. 4-5 professional actors participate to the show, recreating exactly the ritual of lighting the Olympic Flame, who performs in the Greek and English language. Music Bung aunt with authentic ancient Greek Instrumentals sounds.
Aristophanes Lysistrata
The ultimate expression of ancient Greece and its mythology Theatrical excerpt of Aristophanes with the participation of 4-5 professional actors performing in the Greek and English language. Expandable stenographic capability to make Ancient Greek Costumes & Accessories worn by the audience who will attend to the event by actively participating in the process of the event..!
Ancient Greek Gods
ΤThree ancient Greek gods Apollo, Artemis and Aphrodite come to life before your eyes in two simultaneous ways.
a) In a projection on a big screen which displays a 10-minute Video with information and a projection of materials (statues, reliefs, vases, shrines)
b) Dramas with the presence of three actors who embody their respective gods. The presentation is done with kinesiology, pantomimes and theatrical plays with simplicity, resilience and lack of speech.
Life in Ancient Greece
This production presents, by way of spots, several snapshots from the life of the ancient Greeks and their relationship to sport and arms. The first theme presents 2 Ancient Greek warriors in full gear (helmet, armor, shield and sword) in a 10-minute choreographed sword play of that era.
The theme presents 2 Athletes who will faithfully perform the ancient martial art of "PANKRATION"in a 10-minute show. Both themes show perfectly the ancient Greek spirit.
Hellenic Panorama
Greek culture, history, traditional houses, traditional food, music, People... all is presented in six unities with short live spots in front of the viewer.
The Skateboard and Graffiti Event – “Skate and the City Tour”
An alternative Event, which shakes up the city life with its dynamic Street Art culture. The impressive Extreme Sports in masterly Skate-Sports and BMX with the participation of Greek and foreign professional athletes in conjunction with Extreme Art graffiti artists presenting their creations in a live show, give a great amplitude and dynamics in the Events.
Moulin Rouge Paris
The color and the feeling of a classic Paris with the sensual busy nights, music, Can-Can dance and Cabarets all add up to a great visual and music production.
This Concept is composed of 3 main components (Dancers, costumes, music) and an optional one (decoration with 3D materials, red windmill and the Eiffel Tower, hearts Moulin, Nicole Kidman look alike, etc.).
Mama Mia – Music Dance Project
Based on the magical music of ABBA, the global Hit Musical is a cool, summer dance performance of our company. The hilarious story of the play unfolds in the heavenly scene of a Greek island. A special dance performance by the unforgettable Pop music which "colored" the lives of an entire generation of the '70s and early '80s. Energy, adrenaline and enthusiasm overflow from the dancers and actors of the show and fill up the audience.
Casanovas Ball – Night of the Mask
In the Carnival of Venice the mystery comes alive from within the closed dark channels and the opulence of the 18th century.
The emergence of young Casanovas with their Queens, hidden behind masks and baroque costumes invite you to an enjoyable Masquerade Ball evening under the light of candles and accompanied by artists and acrobats in a romantic carnival atmosphere.